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Our Task Force

Redevelopment is more than just a project or grant; it's a process that involves implementing a strategy to achieve locally initiated goals and objectives. To be a redevelopment community, you must undertake a comprehensive economic revitalization effort that focuses on Organization, Promotion, Design, and Business Advocacy.

Break Dance

The OND 2023-2024 Task Force



Rebuilding the district's image as an irresistible destination for shoppers, investors, and visitors requires more than just enhancing branding. It also entails igniting community enthusiasm and participation. Promotional activities can vary from street carnivals to retail marketing and community education.



Improving the visual appeal and image of the community requires attention to all aspects of the business district. This includes not only buildings and storefronts, but also public improvements, rear entries, signs, landscaping, and window displays.


Business Advocacy

The objective is to enhance the economic assets of the business district and broaden its economic foundation. This can be achieved by attracting new businesses that offer a diverse range of retail options, repurposing vacant buildings into housing,  and improving the competitiveness of traditional merchants.

Get Involved

Are you committed to Old National? Have you eagerly awaited more positive changes in our beloved district? Learn more about transformation strategy.

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