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Transformation Strategy

We have an exciting 5-Pillar Transformation Work Plan and Core Values in place that will revitalize the Old National District and turn it into a vibrant hub of activity.

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Are you committed to Old National? Have you eagerly awaited more positive changes in our beloved district?


Look no further, because we have an exciting 5-Pillar Transformation Work Plan and Core Values in place that will revitalize the Old National District and turn it into a vibrant hub of activity. Our pillars are designed to address key aspects of improvement and promote a unified environment where everyone can shop, work, live, and play. Through organization, promotion, design enhancements, coordination with local initiatives, and business advocacy, we are committed to creating a community that thrives.


Read below to view our plan. You can can also join us on this journey and become a community builder. Click below to join now.

Our Transformation Work Plan


One of the essential foundations for transforming the Old National District is establishing a recognized identity that serves as the framework for improvement. We believe that by creating a unified place to shop, work, live, and play, we can enhance the overall experience for all residents and businesses. Our organization pillar focuses on fostering a sense of community, collaboration, and a shared vision that will drive positive change. Together, we can build a strong foundation for the Old National District's future success.


The physical appearance of our district plays a significant role in fostering community pride and attracting private investment. We believe that by improving the aesthetics and public amenities of the Old National District, we can create an inviting and visually appealing environment for all. From beautification projects to enhancing infrastructure and public spaces, our design pillar is committed to creating an atmosphere that reflects the spirit of our community and encourages growth.

Business Advocacy

We firmly believe that the economic vitality of the Old National District is crucial to its overall success. Our business advocacy pillar is dedicated to attracting targeted new investments, retaining existing businesses, and supporting their expansion. By understanding the economic conditions and trends of our district, we can position ourselves strategically, fostering an environment where businesses thrive. Together, we can create a vibrant economy that supports our vision for OND.


In order to create a thriving district, we understand the importance of effective promotion. The Old National District deserves recognition as a vibrant and attractive area that is worth exploring. By establishing a recognized identity, we aim to promote the unique assets of our district, attracting visitors, investors, and new residents. Through targeted marketing campaigns, community events, and strategic partnerships, we will elevate the profile of the Old National District and position it as a desirable destination.


As part of our commitment to creating a sustainable and well-managed district, we actively coordinate with the Liveable Centers Initiative (LCI). By aligning our efforts with LCI recommendations, we ensure that our transformation work plan is comprehensive and in line with the larger vision for our community. Additionally, we collaborate with Public Works and Code Enforcement to tackle litter issues around bus stops, creating a cleaner and more welcoming environment for all.

Our Core Values

As we embark on this transformative journey, it is essential to refocus our vision and goals. We recognize the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead and understand the need to adapt and refine our strategies accordingly. By refocusing our efforts, we ensure that our actions are deliberate, impactful, and effective in bringing about the desired change in the Old National District. We are committed to Refocus, Rebrand and Rebuilding Old National District. 

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